FLOW women’s retreat


Join Lana Rados for what will most certainly be the most important weekend of your life, filled with the deepest healing, learning and transformation.

January 29 to 31, 2021

West Vancouver, B.C., Canada

I am turning 62 and have never felt better in my life! I feel healthy, strong, vibrant, sexy, accomplished, loving, compassionate, wise, playful, joyful, peaceful, expansive.

Ladies, would you like to learn my secret? I will be teaching a great deal of it on the weekend of January 29 – 31, 2021, at an all women retreat, in a beautiful, luxurious house by the ocean, close to Vancouver.  And not only that; I will guide you and take you to places in you that need to be deeply healed and transformed, so that you can awaken the true, radiant, full-blooded, beautiful, powerful, loving and loved woman that you are meant to be.

We all carry inside very deep emotional wounds from our early childhood, as there is no perfect life and no perfect parents. These injuries lock us into certain relationship patterns, not only with others, but also with ourselves and life as well. And not only that; we also carry the wounds from our previous lives that, if left unhealed, just get us stuck in a loop of disfunctionality, anxiety, insecurity, failed relationships and carriers and stagnation and lack of satisfaction in all aspects of life.

You might have tried psychotherapy, maybe even spirit plant medicine, and while it all helped to some extent, it’s simply not enough. This is why I have developed a modality that combines and integrates my extensive psychotherapeutic knowledge and skills (especially about early attachments and childhood wounds) with my shamanic and healing skills and gifts.

Join me for what will most certainly be the most important weekend of your life, filled with the deepest healing, learning and transformation. There will be teachings, psychotherapeutic guided experiential techniques, breathwork, conscious movement work, meditation, energy healing, self-expressive dancing (optional:), and a spirit plant medicine ceremony.

I can only say that i wish that I had an opportunity to attend such a workshop when i was younger; my life would’ve been so much fuller and I would’ve been spared years of stumbling in the darkness through my own pain, insecurities, resentments, guilt, shame and regrets. I wish i wouldn’t have been stuck in my anxieties, scarcity mind and difficulties with meeting my own needs first and that I would have invested far more in myself. Not only my life would’ve been easier and I would’ve arrived where i am decades earlier, but my whole family would have benefited tremendously, especially my child.

Don’t waste any more of yours and your family’s life on unhealthy patterns; start the true and deep healing journey NOW! I cant wait to teach you and guide you to your best, most beautiful, alive, healthy, happy, vibrant and free YOU!

Location: somewhere in Lower Mainland, participants will receive the address

Exchange: $1,630

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