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Everyone now talks about the importance of self love and self respect, about standing up for yourself and speaking the truth. But, is it possible that we have lately become so preoccupied with it, that we are forgetting about kindness, about loving others and backing off out of compassion, not back of self love?

Why do bad things happen to good people?

We all know that shit happens. To everyone. And more to some of us. And some don’t seem to get a break. Bad luck? Karma? I don’t think so. Here is what I think and how to change your “luck”.

How to heal addictive behaviour patterns?

When we think about addiction, we usually think of substance abuse, gambling, porn, shopping addiction etc, but rarely do we think that perhaps our deepest and most harmful addictions are those to our unconscious habits, thought patterns, emotions and reactiveness.

Here is how to recognize and start healing them. See what happened to me while was at Rythmia Life Advancement Centre in Costa Rica ( ), working on my deep seated subtle addictions and emotional wounds.

How to use emotional triggers to heal childhood and past trauma PART 1

How to use emotional triggers to heal childhood and past trauma PART 1

Do you keep finding yourself caught in the same pattern in relationships with others and your own life, again and again, regardless of the amount of personal work you’ve done and the insights you’ve gained? Most of us do. Watch this video to find out why this happens and how to overcome this unhealthy, self-actualization hindering  tendency in your life.

Why do people cheat on their partners? Some statistics (forgive me for not being able to find the reference, but just go with me this time) show that as many as over 70% of married people have had at least one extra-marital affair in the US. Why? With the number this high, is cheating a new norm, rather than honest monogamous relationship? How come there seems to be an increasing number of couples in “open relationships’? Is monogamy on its way out?